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Timora, a non-profit organization established in 2002, implements with great success a new educational model for religious troubled teenage youth, ages 15-18 years old, who in spite of their upbringing in tight-knit Jewish communities, dropped out of school, broke away from their families and seemingly gave up on living a normal life.

Timora's Impact on Israeli Society

Supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Welfare, Timora is highly respected in the educational community
and is a beacon of light for educators and professionals nationwide.
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of Timora's graduates enlist in the army, national-civil service or volunteer programs

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of Timora's graduates return home to their families and communities

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of Timora's graduates receive a full matriculation certificate


Yiftach, on the north shore of the Dead Sea, is a refuge from the past and a new beginning for 45 at-risk adolescent Orthodox boys who dropped out of religious secondary schools.
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Mahol, in the northern Jordan Valley, is a residential program for 32 at-risk Orthodox and Haredi adolescent girls, a real and metaphorical oasis of reassurance and acceptance for teenagers who fail to integrate into their educational frameworks.
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Neve Sraya

Neve Sraya, a residential school, targets boys, ages 14-18, before they leave their communities, thus offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to intervene and halt the destructive process. Academic, art, agriculture, and volunteering activities steer these 60 boys away from personal and social isolation and onto a new track of rehabilitation and growth.
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The Na'aleh Technological School in the Haredi town of Beitar Illit offers Haredi boys, ages 14-16, who fail to integrate into Yeshiva life a way back into the community, through a therapeutic educational framework.
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Featured Project

Timora – Growth And Development

Timora is now embarking on a capital campaign to build new dormitories at Yiftach to replace the 20 year-old caravans that are quite dilapidated and worn-down.

Yiftach’s dormitories are not just buildings. They are HOME for Yiftach’s boys.

Ongoing Projects

Support Timora and become partners in giving Israel's youth at risk a quality of life that they deserve.

Tutorial Center at Yiftach

Alternative Therapies at Machol

Agriculture at Neve Sraya

CNC at Na’ale

Professional Staff Training for Timora’s Educational Therapists

Photography at Yiftach

My dream is to create a home.

A home for those whose families cannot house them during their crucial years of growth. Beyond all of the challenges and struggles that Israel’s youth at risk face, their most difficult struggle is finding a place where they can belong. They suffer from a lack of belonging – to their immediate environment as well as in a wider context.

My dream is to provide them with a place where they can feel at home, a place in which they will belong, a home that will restore their sense of belonging. The feeling of belonging is so basic to human nature that the ability to evolve depends on it. Timora aspires to give these youth the basic experience they so desperately need; who without this experience   drift  aimlessly in the world, lost.

Their home in Timora provides them with a tool through which they can reconnect to themselves, and to the world.

Ariel Sokoloff
CEO Timora

Timora's Unique
Educational-Therapeutic Approach

At Timora, we focus on a dynamic education that develops the skills needed to form a healthy and sound relationship with our surroundings, but first and foremost with ourselves. It is most important for Timora’s youth at risk to develop their emotional skills and build meaningful relationships with the world around them. Once the spirit is calm, organized and balanced, a hunger for the physical, cognitive, and educational domains thrives.

It is a proven fact that if our emotional world is balanced, we are open to additional areas of growth. For teenage youth at risk, such balance may settle violent tendencies, create motivation and push toward achievement.

Timora's Graduates & Students

Timora provides guidance, helping each teenager at risk to grow into their independence. Thus, each step toward success is theirs alone.

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