Agriculture at Neve Sraya

Neve Sraya is Timora’s creative solution for 13-18 year old boys at risk who have difficulty persevering in regular school environments. These boys need a framework that will prevent their dropping out and will give them a sense of confidence and stability. Neve Sraya is just that framework.

Neve Sraya receives teenage boys with open arms and, with the help of art and ecology, helps them cope with a wide variety of personal and social difficulties.

Life in the Village combines studies for a high school diploma, expression through art, and physical work in agriculture.
As a positive outlet, the boys at Neve Sraya are encouraged to express themselves through art and other creative endeavors that relate to the teenagers’ emotional world.

As well, gardening and plant nurturing help overcome stress for these youth at risk. Planning, planting and working in the garden are great ways to channel and burn off energy. Just being in the presence of plants aids students with ADD, it has a beneficial effect on behavior and it helps to raise self-esteem and confidence.

Neve Sraya has a greenhouse where the students grow organic vegetables (without pesticides) for their own consumption. The vegetables include: cucumbers, kohlrabi, zuchinni, pumpkin, green onion, onions, garlic, cabbage, and more.

Neve Sraya’s 12th graders are currently working on a project to set up a chicken coop in order to grow eggs for the Village’s own consumption.
Another amazing project includes the sustainable agricultural project where fish and plants are being grown in a hydroponic pool.
Neve Sraya is also cultivating a nursery to sell plants to the public and teach our students about the commercial market.