Alternative Therapy Center – Yiftach

Yiftach is a refuge from the past and a new beginning for at-risk adolescent Orthodox boys who dropped out of religious secondary schools. Lacking a supportive framework and educational alternatives and feeling alienated from the community, many of them end up on the street.

Yiftach’s supportive framework includes personalized education, an individual and social growth program, and guides students through a powerful process of self-discovery and enablement.
Together, we are helping teenage boys at risk who arrive at Yiftach’s doorstep because they are in a crisis. Through Timora’s unique educational and therapeutic model we are giving these boys the needed tools to help them overcome their painful past and to build future resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Yiftach’s Alternative Therapy Treatment Program’s annual cost is $100,000 that consists of classes in art, writing, martial arts, music and animal therapy. The program runs for 35 weeks and consists of 23 weekly hours of art, 15 weekly hours of music, 8 weekly hours of martial arts and 12 weekly hours of animal therapy. The cost per hour is approximately $50.

Timora develops the life skills and self-sufficiency of our boys at risk by: enabling them to focus on their own personal rehabilitative process, achieve educational success with high school completion, complete service in the army and by the promotion of higher educational or vocational attainment in order to explore future career and job training.


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Healthy Sexuality Month at Neve Sraya

At Timora’s Neve Sraya Youth Village, the staff focused on teaching about healthy sexuality and coping with the challenges of adolescence, along with the challenges