Architectural rendition of the new dormitories

Building a New Home for Yiftach’s Students

Building a New Home for Yiftach’s Students


New dormitories at Yiftach - architectural rendering
New dormitories at Yiftach – architectural rendering

Yiftach’s students live in run-down dormitories built over 40 years ago (in what remains of an abandoned military encampment on the Israel-Jordan border). For them, and for future students, we are determined to create a modern, efficient facility that enables us to maximize the rehabilitation process and expand our capacity from 40 to 60 at-risk teens.

Yiftach’s dormitories are a home away from home. The teens who live here often come from home situations with little to no personal security and family stability. Yiftach provides a familiar personal and private space where each student is empowered and nurtured.

At the same time, because many of the students’ lives were experiencing a downward spiral, Yiftach establishes a stable and compassionate living space where each resident can advance in a supportive environment and grow healthy relationships.

The planned 1,202 sq. meter complex will give the students a warm, supportive, modern and comfortable environment in which to live, socialize, study and work toward getting their lives back on track.

It will be comprised of a cluster of four buildings, each featuring five furnished rooms with restrooms and showers, housing three students in each room. Each building will include a counselor’s room, a lounge and recreational space. There will be two safe rooms and outdoor pergolas.

Given our location on the shores of the lowest point on earth, amid a global climate crisis, we intend to build this facility from materials suitable for a desert environment. To cut energy costs, we plan to install rooftop solar panels, divert floodwaters from the nearby Kidron Valley for our use, and grow whatever produce we can in such terrain.


Architectural rendition of the new dormitories
New dormitories at Yiftach – architectural rendering

This new complex will complement the profound process that Yiftach’s students go through to reinforce their self-confidence and renew their sense of self-worth. 

“When I arrived at Yiftach, I didn’t exist. It was someone else who was numbing the pain through substance abuse. Someone else who was totally lost. Someone else who was broken. After four years at Yiftach, I am leaving as a whole person. I can feel again and I am looking forward to enlisting in the army,” says Ofir, a Yiftach graduate who was able to renew his bond with his family, find his place in his community and re-engage with life in a new and exciting way. 

The total cost for the new Dormitory Complex is $4.1 million, with a wide range of giving levels and naming opportunities. 

Please join us in building a new home, and creating a new way of life for at-risk teens, at Yiftach!

Full Naming Opportunities brochure (press here)

For more information, please contact

Dita Kohl, VP of Development

Avrum D. Lapin (USA)

Ariel Sokoloff, CEO


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