COVID-19 in Timora’s Yiftach Residential School

There is nothing like reading what Yiftach students are writing in order to understand the high quality of Yiftach’s Residential School. In these trying times the effort that Yiftach’s staff makes to create a normal routine and make professional solutions in the shadow of the Corona is proving itself. 

We can surely relate to the positive reactions and feedback that was generated by the sincere words of our students. 

Corona Journal, No. 1.

We are also in quarantine.

Last Tuesday the first verified student with COVID-19 was found in Yiftach and the whole school went into quarantine.

It’s already been a year since the virus has been in our midst. We at Yiftach managed to follow the social distancing rules and continue with our routine almost without feeling the lockdowns, the quarantines, the masks, the frustrations, and all the confusion and disorder that the Corona brought with it. 

In the beginning of the first lockdown, we were in a state of shock. We were stuck here one Shabbat after the next without knowing when we would ever get out. At first it was challenging and maybe a bit unpleasant, but we quickly developed a sense of comfort with the whole situation. In a way all of us together as a group were prepared for any scenario or unplanned development.

From the beginning of the year we were saying, half laughingly, “it will be interesting to know when it’s going to get here.” Then one Tuesday, one of our friends tested positive and just like that we were all in quarantine. 

For hours we were under pressure and a state of unknowing, but very quickly our staff got everything in order. We split up into small groups according to classes, with staff for each group in a defined area where we would eat and play games and have meetings. 

Very quickly we turned an irritating time into quality time. We even managed to maintain a bit of a healthy routine. Each group has it’s time in the club for art and music, preparing for our matriculation exams and mainly laughing through the day. 

Thanks to our wonderful staff that makes such a great effort to keep us all comfortable.


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