Timora, a non-profit organization established in 2002, implements with great success a new educational model for religious troubled teenage youth, ages 15-18 years old, who in spite of their upbringing in tight-knit Jewish communities, dropped out of school, broke away from their families and seemingly gave up on living a normal life.


A refuge from the past and a new beginning for at-risk adolescent Orthodox boys who dropped out of religious secondary schools.


a boarding program for at-risk Orthodox and Haredi adolescent girls, an oasis of reassurance and acceptance for teenagers.

Neve Sraya

The Haredi town of Beitar Illit offers Haredi boys who fail to integrate into yeshiva life a way back into the community.


Our creative response to the increasing numbers of unemployed yeshiva dropouts, aged 14-18, who wander the hills of Samaria.

Sponsor a youth at risk at one of Timora's Residential Facilities

We would like to interest you in a most gratifying undertaking for the benefit of troubled Israeli youth:
The annual sponsorship of a youth at risk who is receiving educational therapy at one of Timora’s residential facilities

Ongoing Projects

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In Timora, a dramatic and touching change becomes apparent in our youth at risk who learn and experience firsthand the benefits of responsibility, giving to others and to the community and functioning within borders and limitations. We need your support to make it happen.

Become part of the solution for those who need one