Get Involved!

Life-changing And Life-saving

In Timora, a dramatic and touching change becomes apparent in our youth at risk who learn and experience firsthand the benefits of responsibility, giving to others and to the community and functioning within borders and limitations. At the end of the year most join the army and serve their full term, some even become commanders and officers! From this point onward our graduates integrate into society as contributing individuals.
We need your support to make it happen.

What Can You Do?

It would be our pleasure to have you come and visit one of Timora’s educational-therapeutic facilities.

Indeed, a donation in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one to Timora in Israel is an admirable mitzvah. The recipient of your donation will receive an online certificate.

From parlor meetings to community fundraising events, get the entire family involved in helping to raise funds for the life-saving projects of Timora. Please contact us for ideas and more information.

You can make a big difference by contacting your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family about Timora’s activities in Israel. Help increase awareness and encourage them to visit our website and to become involved. Do you have an online business or personal website? You can place a banner of Timora on your site to increase the awareness and traffic to our website.

You can inform your synagogue/temple/place of worship about the activities of Timora in Israel. Get your community to sponsor a student for a year, help fund lifesaving projects or make a direct connection to Timora.