The Na’ale Technological School offers haredi youth, aged 14-16, a therapeutic educational framework that both prepares them for their matriculation exams in technological subjects and advances their religious scholarships. Moreover, Na’ale’s academic program helps students narrow learning gaps through supplementary instruction. Within this framework, Na’ale assists each of its pupils to find his own path to success, providing freedom of choice and focusing on individual abilities.

Na’ale’s greatest challenge is to instill confidence in troubled haredi teens by providing them with emotional support and encouraging them to participate in community life. After graduating from Na’ale with increased knowledge, skills and a technological matriculation certificate, these young men can return to their haredi communities, earn a living and start a family of their own without having to rely on social services.

Na’ale’s technological curriculum includes a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) course. CNC uses sequences of computer-generated control commands for the automation of machine tools in the design and manufacture of mechanical parts.
Na’ale’s Technological School would like to expand and offer its students two additional courses in CNC: Step-Up and Echo-Tech.
This will empower the students with additional skills to help them get better jobs and not be in need of social services. As well, these achievements will assist in their integration into their community and society.