New Pilot Program – Machol Graduate Program

From our experience, graduates of Machol need professional intervention with the critical stages of the transition from the protective and fostering framework of Machol to independent life outside.

The program deals with building a personal “integration” 2 year program for every Machol graduate that include the significant influential stages for integration in the normative world, in order to ensure the success of the program: employment, studies and professional training, assistance, guidance and personal support, acquiring expertise and life skills and assistance in finding accommodations and housing solutions.

The girls who graduate from Machol often have difficulties on account of the worries about their basic needs, and acclimating to their work environment. Their need is unique in that it combines their requirement for housing and professional support.

We believe that assistance and a support for group for Machol’ graduates at the critical stages of transition from the protective framework of Machol to an independent life outside will enable them to realize their latent potential for integrating. The lack of assistance and support at this critical stage can lead to a situation where some of them don’t break out of the cycle of distress.

The cost of the Machol Graduate program for two years is $200,000 for graduates includes a program coordinator, social worker, therapeutic sessions, educational/vocational training of the graduate and a monthly stipend for the graduate.


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