Photography at Yiftach

When you take a picture, it reflects a lot more than what you see with your eyes.
It reflects your personal interests, motivation and most important-it lets you tell a story.
Photography is truly an art with so many benefits for teenagers at risk.

Photography gives the students at Yiftach an opportunity to stimulate their capacity for observation and a wonderful outlet to support their creative potential through different forms of expression.

Photography allows Yiftach’s students to express their feelings and thoughts about life as well as establish a deeper connection with their environment.

When taking pictures it sometimes takes time to get good results. It helps to practice proper time management and adaptation to new circumstances. Developing these skills will help our teenagers at risk adapt to the many challenges that lay ahead.

For Yifatch’s students, photography breaks down the walls they have built upon their lack of ability to learn. Many have failed classes and dropped out of school before coming to Yiftach. Their success in photography proves that they are capable. They can learn and feel pride in their achievements; their self-esteem swells.