Professional Staff Training for Timora’s Educational Therapists

Our staff training program for educational therapists, for which we seek your kind support, seeks to enhance Timora’s professional and stable staff to be able to cope with the grind that instructive therapy for youth at risk entails over a long timeframe.

We must instill in our educational therapists the confidence to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge along with a sense of belonging and belief in their mission for the benefit of troubled youth. These attributes enable our educational therapists to see their future professional careers advancing, ensuring the stability of our staff for years to come.
Our staff receives personal instruction and professional support and benefits from weekly group meetings. The investment in our staff has reaped benefits, which are manifested by the positive results they have achieved with troubled teenage boys and girls over the years.

Indeed, the results of Timora’s educational therapy programs are most encouraging: Some 40% of the organization’s graduates are fully matriculated and the rest are completing their matriculation requirements, while most of its graduates serve in the IDF or in Israel’s National Service. Many Timora graduates have moved on to higher education, become part of the Israeli workforce and started their own families.

Our funding needs for professional educational therapy training include: outside funding for training hours in the course of an academic year and a comprehensive writing/ documentation project which will record the doctrine of educational therapy as a well-developed and uniform professional orientation.

The cost per hour is $100 and we would like to offer 28 staff members to participate in 42 weekly sessions. The annual cost is $122,500.
Your show of support for this worthy undertaking can be a real difference maker both for our professional educational therapists and for the troubled Israeli youth they serve so faithfully.