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Neve Sraya provides a real home for 60 youth at risk ( with a future expectancy of 90 youth at risk ), helping them cope with a variety of personal and social issues on the road back to society. Through schooling aimed at achieving matriculation, and activities based on arts and agriculture, the young people who come to Neve Sraya obtain new channels of self-expression. They are then able to rejoin their communities and lead productive, well-balanced lives.

The Tutorial Center in Neve Sraya provides private and group lessons in language, citizenship, mathematics and English for students in grades 10-12 and strengthens their learning gaps owing to time missed at school, learning disorders as well as various scholastic and emotional impairments.
The Tutorial Center has a staff of 7 teachers and operates from Sunday till Thursday from 9:00-12:30 and from 14:00-18:00 ( on Thursday till 16:00 ).

The annual cost of the Tutorial Center is $95,000. The Ministry of Education finances $47,500 and we have secured additional fund $17,500 from private donors. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate a donation of $30,000

The results of Timora’s educational programs are most encouraging: 40% of its graduates are fully matriculated and the rest are completing their matriculation requirements. What’s more, 90% of the Yiftach and Machol graduates serve in the IDF or in Israel’s National Service. Many Timora graduates have moved on to higher education, become part of the Israeli workforce and started their own families.

Your show of support for this worthy undertaking can be a real difference maker for troubled Israeli youth who made a wrong turn in their lives and need to get back on track.


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Healthy Sexuality Month at Neve Sraya

At Timora’s Neve Sraya Youth Village, the staff focused on teaching about healthy sexuality and coping with the challenges of adolescence, along with the challenges