An Innovative Educational-Therapeutic Approach


Yiftah is a refuge from the past and a new beginning for at-risk adolescent Orthodox boys who dropped out of religious secondary schools. Lacking a supportive framework and educational alternatives and feeling alienated from the community, many of them end up on the street. Yiftah’s supportive framework includes personalized education, an individual and social growth program, and guides students through a powerful process of self-discovery and enablement.


Mahol is a boarding program for at-risk Orthodox and Haredi adolescent girls, a real and metaphorical oasis of reassurance and acceptance for teenagers who fail to integrate into their educational frameworks and, as a result, are excluded from their communities. Mahol rebuilds their self-esteem, fosters their creative expression, develops various skills, and enables a therapeutic process – all towards the girls’ return to their communities and families.

Neve Sraya

Neve Sraya is our creative response to the increasing numbers of unemployed yeshiva dropouts, aged 14-18, who wander the hills of Samaria outside the realm of established, law-abiding communities. It also targets boys before they leave their communities, thus offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to intervene and halt the destructive process. Academic, art, agriculture, and volunteering activities steer these boys away from personal and social isolation and onto a new track of rehabilitation and growth.


The Na’aleh Technological School in the Haredi town of Beitar Illit offers Haredi boys who fail to integrate into yeshiva life a way back into the community, through a therapeutic educational framework that prepares them for their matriculation exams in technological subjects and advances their religious scholarship. Facing alienation from their communities, these youths, aged 14-16 learn, obtain new skills, and formulate a new path for themselves.