Yiftach New Dormitory

Yiftach was the first center to be established by Timora. Supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Welfare, Yiftach is highly respected in the educational community and is a beacon of light for educators and professionals nationwide.  90% of Yiftach’s graduates enlist in the army or national-civil service, a success rate that proves the immense impact Yiftach is making on Israeli society.

Timora is now embarking on a capital campaign to build new dormitories at Yiftach to replace the 20 year-old caravans that are quite dilapidated and worn-down.

Yiftach’s dormitories are not just buildings. They are HOME for Yiftach’s boys.

This was especially felt during COVID-19 when there was a total lockdown and Yiftach’s students could not go home and remained on campus for months.

It is important for Yiftach’s boys to feel that they deserve to live in an esthetic building and in an environment that will fill them with pride and dignity. Without a doubt, a new and modern facility will make them feel special and will aid in raising their self-esteem and self-worth.

The planned four new dormitories will house sixty boys. In each building there will be six bedrooms with bathrooms and showers; five rooms for three boys each, and one room for three counselors. In addition, there will be two safe rooms to be used for social activities on a daily basis, and to provide protection when necessary.